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Winner of eight ROMANTIC TIMES awards, with over twenty-million copies in print, Sara Orwig is an undisputed queen of historical romance.

The Southwestern Saga

The west heats up in Sara Orwig’s epic romances, showcasing three breathtaking stories of a lawless land and untamable hearts.

San Antonio
San Antonio (book 1)
Albuquerque romance ebook
Albuquerque (book 2)
DenverDenver (book 3)

In these three novels of westward expansion, the sun beats down on the plains during the days, but it’s passion that keeps the nights warm. In SAN ANTONIO, a man’s quest for revenge will take him into the home of his most hated enemy, and into the heart of that enemy’s beautiful daughter. ALBUQUERQUE brings together a pious woman and a shattered man who only have their passion in common.In DENVER, a man flees west to escape his past, only to lose his heart to a woman with the power to destroy him, or give him his one shot at redemption.Buy for only $2.99 each OR get the entire Saga for only $7.99!

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You can also find many of Sara’s books for sale on Sara’s page at harlequin.com, Amazon.com or BN.com. Here are few of the latest releases by Sara Orwig…

A Texan in Her Bed Sara Orwig Harlequin Desire, Sep 2014 from the Miniseries: Lone Star Legends

A Texan in Her Bed
Sara Orwig
Harlequin Desire, Sept 2014

Miniseries: Lone Star Legends

All Wyatt Milan wants is a quiet life. That’s why the billionaire rancher became sheriff of the sleepy town of Verity, Texas. But Wyatt’s tranquility is disrupted when charismatic TV host Destiny Jones blows into town, determined to solve a murder mystery tied to a long-standing family feud.  Destiny’s questions threaten to stir up the old Milan-Calhoun dispute—along with the hottest desire Wyatt has ever felt. This woman has turned his town, and his life, upside down. Suddenly Wyatt’s got a brand-new feud on his hands—one a lot closer to his heart!

Her Texan To Tame Sara OrwigHer Texan to Tame
Sara Orwig
Harlequin Desire Feb 2014
Miniseries: Lone Star Legacy

Hiring a hot blonde to do the cooking? Probably not the smartest decision Texas rancher Ryan Delaney has ever made. But Jessica Upton is more than qualified…and currently the only candidate. Ryan just needs to keep a professional distance.Except Jessica’s vulnerability gets to him, and temptation proves irresistible. Even so, she claims their affair can’t last. Jessica has her reasons for staying at the ranch—and reasons she’ll have to leave. She’s about to discover what lengths this Texan will go to lasso his heart’s desire. Read Excerpt

Deep in a Texan's HeartDeep in a Texan’s Heart
Sara Orwig Harlequin Desire
Aug 2013 in the Miniseries: Texas Cattleman’s Club: The Missing Mogul

As a card-carrying member of the Texas Cattleman’s Club, Sam Gordon is conservative to the core. Discovering Lila Hacket—the woman he’d shared a passionate night with—is carrying his baby? Heck yeah, he means to marry her! Never mind that marriage is not what she wants.

With a budding career, Lila has no intention of changing her life to become Sam’s idea of the perfect wife. So if he wants their baby to wear the Gordon name, he needs to change his ideas about what he really needs from Lila…and just what he’s willing to give her in return. Read Excerpt

Texans Contract MarriageThe Texan’s Contract Marriage
Sara Orwig – Harlequin Desire
May 2013 in the Miniseries: Rich, Rugged Ranchers

“Marry me…for the baby’s sake.” With a fortune at his disposal, there is little Marek Rangel can’t buy. Now, he has put a price on something priceless: his late brother’s child. He will stop at nothing to ensure the baby’s birthright…even if it means marrying a complete stranger.

A rising opera star, Camille Avanole relishes her independence, but she loves her child more. The billionaire rancher will give her son security and a chance to know his Texan heritage. So she agrees to Marek’s demands, telling herself she won’t fall in love—because if she does, he will only break her heart…. Read Excerpt

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