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Goodreads Romance Week

It’s Goodreads Romance Week starting today! Now through Feb 12th, Goodreads is celebrating Romance authors and books. To join in the fun, I just started taking questions on my Goodreads author page.  Please ask me any question you wish and while you are there, leave a review if you liked a book! I’m planning on answering questions…

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Harlequin books

9 facts about Harlequin Books I bet you don’t know

I didn’t know most of these!!!  Harlequin books have been around forever (almost ) and has been my publisher for nearly that long. I know how far reaching and amazing the Harlequin books & team are so these are not a huge surprise… but interesting!! 🙂 Harlequin publishes more than 110 titles each month in the USA!…

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Am I a plotter or panster?

I was asked recently if I was a plotter or panster… the two types of writers in the world. Plotters outline characters, plots, timelines, and have an organized approach. Pansters fly by the seat of their pants, jumping in and writing in a very organic way. Stephen King is a notorious panster and you can’t…

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