Who LOVES V-Day?

Valentine’s Day is not everyone’s favorite holiday but it’s not a bad holiday. It’s never been MY favorite holiday but here’s 3 quick reasons why it’s great:

It’s a day focused on expressing love. Is that such a bad thing to do?

LOVE doesn’t have to be to a partner. This year my daughter sent a donation and a letter of thanks to a local animal shelter. Those people and those animals got some real love!

• A Valentine can be a creative exercise. Do something creative for someone you love – it’s good to be creative!

Her Texan To Tame Sara Orwig

Her Texan To Tame

So maybe Valentine’s Day isn’t ANYONE”S favorite holiday, but it’s still a great day to curl up with a good book!!! Here’s the latest that came out this month, happy reading. 🙂

Sara Orwig • February 10, 2014

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