Confession of a book lover

In honor of HarperCollins Publishers’ 200th anniversary, Harlequin is sharing stories of why people like to read. For me, reading has always be a part of my life as far back as I can remember. My grandfather and my dad both read to me before I could read.  I loved my books even before I could read them! I remember when I got my first allowance… I saved my money and bought a book—my first purchase. I still remember how exciting that was and how much I carried that book around with me. I read because it’s simply is a way of life! Why do I eat food? Because I’m hungry! Both are clearly essential components to life.

And I never grew out of it.   I cannot recall the words, “I’m bored,” ever being said when I was growing up by anyone in my family, my friends or by me because we all loved to read. 

Short stories, novels, non-fiction—I loved everything. The book with the most profound influence on my life has to be the King James Bible.  Books educate, inform, entertain and take me places I never could go otherwise.  I remember certain books I like and read them over and over again.   It could be books, ebooks, newspapers, magazines… the vehicle doesn’t matter so much as the journey. All of those wonderful sources of information, too,  along with entertainment. I still love to read and have been so blessed to make a career out of the world of words, literature and stories. Sharing others adventures on paper and also getting to share my own has been more rewarding than I could have imagined.

To read other authors’ reasons for reading go to Harlequin’s website section “why I read.” Make sure you have some time because reading other author’s thoughts is a great way to lose track of time and share the feelings of other book lovers… there are a lot of us!! #WhyIRead

ps. The photo is a candid shot of what’s on my book stack today. Looks like I’m currently in an adventure phase!  #whyiread

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Sara Orwig • May 5, 2017

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