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9 facts about Harlequin Books I bet you don’t know

I didn’t know most of these!!!  Harlequin books have been around forever (almost ) and has been my publisher for nearly that long. I know how far reaching and amazing the Harlequin books & team are so these are not a huge surprise… but interesting!! 🙂

  1. Harlequin publishes more than 110 titles each month in the USA!
  2. Last year Harlequin sold approximately 3 books per second worldwide.
  3. Over 1,300 authors from around the world are currently published by Harlequin.
  4. Harlequin books are sold in 102 international markets in 34 languages.
  5. In total, Harlequin has shipped more than 6.47 billion books around the world.
  6. Harlequin contracts more than four original works of fiction EVERYDAY. (So if you dream of writing for Harlequin, send in your book! )
  7. Harlequin began releasing ebooks over 10 years ago (in October 2005) and has published over 27,000 ebooks to date, in 16 languages.
  8. Harlequin was the first major publisher to make ALL their new releases available in ebook format when published.
  9. More than one-third of American women have read a Harlequin book at some point in their lives.

I love writing romances and Harlequin has always been the leader in the publishing world for this. I’ll never get tired of reading, and thankfully there’s always a book on hand.

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Sara Orwig • January 20, 2016

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